How We Started Out

The Inclusive Arts Network first came about in 2010/2011 in the form of Arts Path a project concept that was initiated by BRACE Education Training and Employment and funded by DHS – Changing Days Funding stream.

The full 12-month “Arts Path Project” and resource book was developed and implemented by Emma Barrance meet with 11 Artists to create develop pathways into the Arts and Cultural sector, develop links and to look at commercial opportunities. The 11 artists meet on a fortnightly basis with Emma.

The Arts Path book was used as a resource for artists with a disability to find meaningful pathways for artists in Ballarat and Surrounds.

After the end of the project the stakeholder group Disability Arts Network Activation Group (DAN) looked for other ways, the project could live on and reach a wider audience, it was suggested to move the project onto the internet. Donald Harvey was brought into the (DAN) Network mid 2011 to bring the book version and turn it into a web-based platform available to all with help of Changing Days Funding from DHHS at the time.

During this time is when DAN became IAN (Inclusive Arts Network).

About the Inclusive Arts Network

In 2011 when we offically became the Inclusive Arts Network we took the book format of Arts Path to brought it to life on the World Wide Web where we brought over artist statements and we also uploaded a gallery of artworks for each of the artists. We also brought over member organisations that were a part of Art Path.

In 2013 Donald Harvey spoke to Robyn Winslow from Vison Australia Radio in which she asked what did we want the network to do in the future and without thinking and also realising how hard it would be Donald said to be able to have exhibitions for artists to be able exhibit and be able to display their artworks. So in late 2013 early 2014 we started planning for our first exhibition which was held at the Blue Artz gallery.

In what what we thought would be just limited to a small area in and around the Ballarat area turned out to be wrong when we started receiving entries from Melbourne and Horsham. We held our first exhibition in December of 2014 and have held one every year since. We have tried to show this exhibition in different but finding venues that are accessible has been our hardest thing in showing this exhibition in different parts of Victoria.

Since we first had our first exhibition in 2014 we have had over 300 artists show there artworks and displayed probably close to a 1000 artworks over the 7 years we have held this exhibition.

In 2021 we are looking at having a online exhibition due to the current enviroment we live in at the moment. So far we have interest for this from as far away as the U.K which will bring a new dynamic to our art exhibitions to have international artists exhibiting as part of the IAN Art Exhibition.

Meet The Team


Donald Harvey