Anne Chibnall


Art is all to do with making things and stuff. I’m doing it for myself, not for other people. I do it independent then you face a challenge, I am always up for a challenge.

In arts there are lots of things you can do when people share details about things, like painting, you need detail and help to start then you fill in the gaps and work out the way you want to do it, how you like it.

What I do – things I do are pictures, drawing up ideas, animations, music, computers, Boxhead Ensemble and Funky Turtles.

I like looking at other artists, the way they do their art. Other people’s art interests me. I like it when other people like and look at my art too.

If I did a piece of artwork someone likes – I like it when they buy it and I get a red sticker on my exhibition works. The money – I like the idea of money from my art to spend on my dreams. Art supplies and stuff, I am an art freak.

If you would like to view my gallery you can view it at Anne Chibnall's Gallery