Dawn Lim

I am a professional visual artist, located in Victoria, Australia.

I paint Abstract Paintings because I want to create not just copy, and I use oil paint by preference, on stretched canvas.

I also teach Art in all the different genres of painting and drawing eg: Portraits, Landscape, still life, and Abstract art, in most mediums.

I identify as having a disability, I am a self-taught artist and have been creating since childhood, but have recently managed to secure a ‘qualification’ in fine art (B.A.Visual Art Hon).

Lately I have been exploring the professional arts sector and have recently decided to connect with that gallery circuit as I believe that my practice fits well within this realm. I am constantly creating full bodies of work and am actively seeking shows in both metropolitan and even international spaces.

My professional focus is on building my profile as an artist. I am dedicated and work full time on my art.

  • Education: Bachelor of Arts – Visual Arts (Hons) – University of Ballarat