Ella Evenson

I am Ella Evenson, I’m 10 years old and i live in Birmingham U.K.

I was born with Mosaic Down Syndrome, i am determined to do my best, so that i can show everybody my skills. Last summer in 2019 i started painting.

My favourite type of paint is abstract painting. I love using different tools to create different artworks. I use a Plastic Card, Paint Brushes, Sponge, Platic Knife, Plastic Fork, Wooden Stick, Palette Knife , Balloon and a Toothbrush.

I would like to be an amazing famous artist.

My Store

If you would like to visit my store you can find it at artist-ella.jimdosite.com/store/

My Artist Gallery

If you would like to view my gallery you can view it at Ella Evenson Gallery.