Jamie Halliday

Hi my name is Jamie Halliday, I grew up in Adelaide and when I had my first guitar that got me interested in a lot of this stuff what I am doing in my life now.

I used to watch young Talent Time when I was a kid and I love the song in the living years.

My first experience in plays and music was properly when I participated in the choir at primary school, where I also acted in school plays and especially loved our end of year performance. I then went to Bordertown High School where I continued to act and play musical instruments. I also was invited to do a video on Bullying, which was presented at a world conference in Singapore; apparently there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience.

I absolutely love acting and dancing. It’s my life. I am registered with chameleon casting agent, as well I try to surround myself with performing arts so I can build a life around it.

I am best at movement and dance and have had 11 years “Zen Do Kai” training. I am the first person with Down Syndrome in Australia and the second in the world to have achieved a goal of earning a black belt. I proved that my disability is no barrier. Karate has helped me in many ways with my balance and coordination, it has given me confidence. These things have helped me be a better performer on stage.

I hope one day to get a full time acting job in the arts field.