Arthur Creative Services

‘Arthur’ aims to encourage and facilitate high quality arts and cultural activity within Ballarat, whilst promoting a wider acceptance and participation in a professional arts context by people with a disability.

Arthur Creative Services is an division of Melba Support Services specialising in creative management, arts administration and project development. Arthur Creative Services is the umbrella for a series of multi-modal arts projects including, Boxhead Ensemble and Arthur Studio (community studio), providing an opportunity for local emerging and established artists to create their works in Ballarat.

What can Arthur do for you?

Creative Management / Arts Administration / Project Development

  • Arthur can work with you to create a unique arts based event/activity within your community or organisation.
  • Arthur can assist in the management and implementation of an existing arts based project within your community or organisation.
  • Arthur has extensive experience in Events Management and specialises in provision of qualified staff for staging of any size event from artists to stage/production management.

Art Source

  • Arthur can undertake selection, liaison, briefing and contracting of artists on your behalf.
  • Arthur has a reputable contact base of high quality professional artists and arts practitioners.
  • Arthur is not an agency, and prides itself on maintaining a database of artists of the highest calibre across all sectors of the creative industry.
  • Arthur will always locally source where possible (dependent on project base/location).

Arthur has extensive and varied experience within Arts Administration and can work with your organisation or community to:

  • Develop and manage projects to successful completion.
  • Evaluate outcomes of arts projects and events.
  • Develop an Arts and Cultural plan.
  • Devise funding strategies for small to medium arts based projects/events.
  • Prepare artist briefs and contracts.
  • Obtain appropriate permits and permissions from LGA’s (Local Government Authorities) and other relevant agencies on your behalf for public events and installation of permanent or ephemeral public art work.

Resources at Arthur: Team: of qualified and experienced staff and associates Artists: selective database of highly skilled practitioners across the arts and cultural sector covering the following;

  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts / Theatre / Music
  • Literary Arts
  • Multimedia / Film
  • Disability Arts / Graphic Design
  • Special Events and Festivals

Contacts: network specialising in arts administration, academic arts research, festival review and management, stage/production management and facilitation of community arts engagement.

Programs of Arthur Creative: can be found here Programs of Arthur Creative

Website: Arthur Creative